姓名: 王昆
英文名: Kun WANG
职称: 教授
职务: 专业: 工程热物理
所在机构: 动力机械及工程 个人主页:
邮箱: kwang5@tju.edu.cn 办公地点: 34教A310
传真: 办公电话:
主要学历: 2003.09-2007.07 大连理工大学 本科
2007.09-2010.05 浙江大学 硕士
2010.08-2015.08 美国Colorado School of Mines 博士

主要学术经历: 2015.08-2015.11 美国Colorado School of Mines化学工程系 博士后
2015.11-2019.06 美国Stanford University机械工程系 博士后
2019.08- 天津大学内燃机燃烧学国家重点实验室 教授

主要研究方向: 燃料与燃烧,动力推进系统,先进发动机,能源转换,能量存储,纳米技术,高压反应动力学,实验、仿真与理论计算


主要学术兼职:  Elsevier 学术书刊出版审稿人
 Fuel, Biofuels, Energy & Fuels, Combustion & Flame, Combustion Science & Technology, Journal of International Hydrogen Energy, Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Processing等学术期刊审稿人
 I&EC Division ACS 2015 Denver National Meeting 分会主席

主要学术成就: 本课题组(能源与燃烧反应动力学实验室,Lab for Energy and Combustion Kinetics)专注能源动力和燃料燃烧过程反应动力学基本科学问题的研究,内容涵盖分子/原子层级化学基元反应量子计算、介观反应动力学模型创建和宏观反应流实验与建模等多时间与空间尺度。
(1)多家学术期刊杰出审稿人(包括Fuel, Journal of Applied and Analytical Pyrolysis, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Chemical Engineering and Processing等)
(2)“Runner-up” Best Oral Research Presentation on CEER (Conference on Earth and Energy Research), Colorado School of Mines
(3)ACS I&EC Annual Graduate Symposium (18, US nationwide)
(4)ACS Travel Grant (6, Colorado statewide)

主要科研项目: 1.2019-2021, 大分子碳氢燃料燃烧反应动力学简化建模方法,内燃机燃烧学国家重点实验室自主研究课题,负责人
2.2016-2020, Development of HyChem--A Jet and Rocket Fuel Combustion Model, 美国空军科学研究办公室AFOSR基础研究项目,参与
3.2016-2017, Modeling and Pyrolysis/Oxidation of Jet Fuels Using Hybrid Chemistry Approach, 美国空军科学研究办公室AFOSR基础研究项目,参与
4.2014-2016, Shock-tube and Flow Reactor Studies of the Kinetics of Jet Fuels, 航空管理局FAA基础研究项目,参与
5.2011-2015, Pyrolysis Reactions of Butene Isomers at Low Temperatures, 科罗拉多矿业大学与阿布扎比王国石油研究院联合应用基础研究项目,参与
6.2013-2016, Heterogenously Catalyzed Endothermic Fuel Cracking, 美国空军科学研究办公室AFOSR基础研究项目,参与

代表性论著: 1.Wang K., Bowman C. T., and Wang Hai, “Kinetic analysis of distinct product generation in oxidative pyrolysis of four octane isomers”, Proc. Combust. Inst., 2019 (37) 531–538.
2.Wang K., Xu R., Parise T., Shao J.K., Movaghar A., Lee D. J., Park J.-W., Gao Y., Lu T.F., Egolfopoulos F. N., Davidson D. F., Hanson R. K., Bowman C. T., Wang H., “A physics-based approach to modeling real-fuel combustion chemistry- IV. HyChem modeling of combustion kinetics of a bio-derived jet fuel and its blends with a conventional Jet A”, Combust. Flame 2018, 198, 477-489.
3.Wang H., Xu R., Wang K., Bowman C.T., Davidson D.F., Hanson R.K., Brezinsky K., Egolfopoulos F.N., “A Physics-based approach to modeling real-fuel combustion chemistry- I. Evidence from experiments, and thermodynamic, chemical kinetic and statistical considerations”, Combust. Flame 2018, 193, 502–519.
4.Xu R., Wang K., Banerjee S., Shao J., Parise T., Zhu Y., Wang S., Movaghar A., Lee D.J., Zhao R., Han X., Gao Y., Lu T., Brezinsky K., Egolfopoulos F.N., Davidson D.F., Hanson R.K., Bowman C.T., Wang H., “A Physics-based approach to modeling real-fuel combustion chemistry- II. Reaction kinetic models of jet and rocket fuels”, Combust. Flame 2018, 193, 520–537.
5.Y. Tao, R. Xu, K. Wang, J.K. Shao, S.E. Johnson, A. Movaghar, X. Han, J.-W. Park, T.F. Lu, K. Brezinsky, F.N. Egolfopoulos, D.F. Davidson, R.K. Hanson, C.T. Bowman, H. Wang, A Physics-based approach to modeling real-fuel combustion chemistry –III. Reaction kinetic model of JP10, Combust. Flame 2018, 193, 466–476.
6.Chen D., Wang K., and Wang Hai, “Violation of collision limit in recently published reaction models”, Combust. Flame, 2017, 186, 208–210.
7.Wang K., Villano S. M., and Dean A. M., “Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study of Butene Isomer Pyrolysis: Part II. IsoButene”, Combust. Flame, 2017, 176, 23–37.
8.Wang K., Villano S. M., and Dean A. M., “Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study of Butene Isomer Pyrolysis: Part I. 1- and 2-Butene”, Combust. Flame, 2016, 173, 347–369.
9.Saldana M., Bogin G., Wang K., and Dean A. M., “Comparative Kinetic Analysis of Ethane Pyrolysis at Elevated Pressures and High Conversions”, Energy Fuels, 2016, 30 (11), 9703–9711.
10.Wang K., Villano S. M., and Dean A. M., “Fundamentally-Based Kinetic Model for Propene Pyrolysis”. Combust. Flame, 2015, 162(12):4456–4470.
11.Wang K., Villano S. M., and Dean A. M., “Reactivity-Structure Based Rate Estimation Rules for Alkyl Radical H-atom Shift and Alkenyl Radical Cyclization Reactions”. J. Phys. Chem. A 2015, 119(28): 7205–7221.
12.Wang K., Villano S. M., and Dean A. M., “Reactions of Resonantly-Stabilized Free Radicals that Impact Molecular Weight Growth Kinetics”. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 2015, 17, 6255–6273.
Book Chapter
1.Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering, Vol. 45, "Mathematical Modelling of Gas-Phase Complex Reaction Systems: Pyrolysis and Combustion", Edited by Tiziano Faravelli, Flavio Manenti, and Eliseo Ranzi. Chapter 4, "Rate rules and reaction classes", Kun Wang and Anthony M. Dean, 2019, pp. 203-257.

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