姓名: 王志勇
英文名: WangZhiyong
职称: 副教授
职务: 专业: 固体力学
所在机构: 实验力学教研室 个人主页:
邮箱: zywang@tju.edu.cn 办公地点: 天津大学123室
传真: 办公电话: 022-27406912
主要学历: 1996.9~2000.6, 本科, 天津大学, 机械电子工程
2000.9~2003.3, 硕士, 天津大学, 固体力学
2004.3~2007.3, 博士, 天津大学, 固体力学


主要研究方向: 我的专业是实验固体力学,主要研究实验固体力学领域中的光测技术。目前,我目前的研究兴趣是研究基于太赫兹波的应力测量原理与方法。

主要讲授课程: 材料力学; 工程力学; 实验力学




代表性论著: [1] Lin’an Li, Wei Song, Zhiyong Wang*. Active modulation of refractive index by stress in the terahertz frequency range. APPLIED OPTICS, 2013; 52(25) 6364-6368.
[2] Wei Song, Lin‘an Li a, Zhiyong Wang*. Experimental verification of the uniaxial stress optic law in the terahertz frequency regime. Opt Lasers Eng, 52, January 2014, 174-177.
[3] Zongzheng Wang, Shibin Wang, Zhiyong Wang*. An analysis on computational load of DIC based on Newton–Raphson scheme. Opt Lasers Eng, 52, January 2014, 61-65.
[4] Zongzheng Wang, Shibin Wang, Zhiyong Wang*. The elimination of pseudo strains in 2D-DIC caused by out-of-plane translation using light strip method. Proc. SPIE, Int. Soc. Opt. Eng, 2013.
[5] Z.Y. Wang, L. Wang, W. Guo, H. Deng, J.W. Tong and F. Aymerich, An investigation on strain/stress distribution around the overlap end of laminated composite single-lap joints Composite Structures, 89, 2009, 589-595
[6] Z. Y. Wang , H. Q. Li , J. W. Tong and J. T. Ruan, Statistical analysis of the effect of intensity pattern noise on the displacement measurement precision of digital image correlation using self-correlated images.Exp Mech 2007; 47(5) 701-707.
[7] Z.Y. Wang, H.Q. Li, J.W. Tong, M. Shen, F. Aymerich, P. Priolo. Dual magnification digital image correlation based strain measurement in CFRP Laminates with open hole. Composites Science and Technology, 68(9), 2008, 1975-1980
[8] Z.Y.Wang, S.B.Wang, J.W.Tong, Measurements of Interlaminar Deformation in the Composite Laminates, Optical Technology and Image Processing For Fluids and Solids Diagnostics SPIE-Beijing 2002.

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