姓名: 翟晨曦
英文名: Zhai Chenxi
人才称号: 北洋学者英才计划
职称: 副教授,英才副教授
职务: 专业: 固体力学
所在机构: 个人主页:
邮箱: chenxizhai_3@tju.edu.cn 办公地点:
传真: 办公电话:
主要学历: 2015-2020 佛罗里达州立大学, 硕士、博士, 机械工程(导师:林尚超,William Oates)
2012-2015 天津大学, 工学硕士, 材料学(导师:朱玉梅)
2008-2012 济南大学, 工学学士, 材料物理(导师:武卫兵)

主要学术经历: 2020-2023 康奈尔大学, 博士后, 机械与航天工程(导师:Jingjie Yeo)
2020 麻省理工学院 访问学者 土木与环境工程(导师:Markus Buehler)

主要研究方向: 力学性能,智能软材料,分子动力学,结构演化


主要学术兼职: 担任多个专业杂志如Sustainability, Front. Mater., Sci. Program., Agric.的客座主编,担任多个权威专业杂志的审稿人

主要学术成就: 近五年以来第一/通讯作者发表SCI论文18篇,包含2篇ESI高被引(总IF约130)

主要科研项目: 作为Principal Investigator (PI)或Co-PI主持的项目:
“Mitigating aging- and virus-related diseases by innovating and characterizing bio-polymeric, dynamically responsive biomaterials” 09/2022 – 09/2023
Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE): BIO210063 1,704,691核时 ~ $34,978

“Mitigating aging-related disorders by innovating and characterizing bio-polymeric, dynamically responsive materials” 07/2021 – 07/2022
XSEDE: BIO210063 1,336,497核时 ~ $26,851

“Bottom-up computational discovery and design of dynamically-responsive materials” 09/2020 – 09/2021
XSEDE: MAT200004 200,000核时 ~ $4,102

代表性论著: 1.Zhai, C., Lin, S.*, Wang, M., Zhou, H., Stanisauskis, E., Cai, Z., Yeo, J., Oates, W.* (2021)
Conformational Freedom-Enhanced Optomechanical Energy Conversion Efficiency in Bulk Azo-Polyimides
Advanced Functional Materials, p.2104414 (选入期刊扉页(Frontispiece)并被全球多家科技媒体 (ScienceDaily, AZOM, Phys.org, Florida News Times等)采访报道)
2.Zhai, C.,# Zhou, H.,# Gao, T., Zhao, L., & Lin, S.* (2018)
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Macromolecules. 51(12), 4471-4483.
3.Zhai, C., # Li, T., # Shi, H., # & Yeo, J., (2020)
Discovery and design of soft polymeric bio-inspired materials with multiscale simulations and artificial intelligence
Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 8, 6562-6587. (IF=7.6, Q1)
4.Zhai, C., Sullivan, P., Martin, C., Shi, H., Deravi, L., Yeo, J.* (2022)
Probing the Alignment-Dependent Mechanical Behaviors and Time-Evolutional Aligning Process of Collagen Scaffolds
Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 10 (36): 7052-7061.
5.Zhai, C.*, Yu, Y.*, Zhu, Y.*, Zhang, J., Zhong, Y., Yeo, J., Wang, M. (2022)
The Impact of Foaming Effect on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Foam Glasses with Molecular-Level Insights
Molecules, 27(3), 876 (Featured as “Inorganic Young Investigators”)
6.Zhai, C., Zhong, Y., Liu, J., Zhang, J., Zhu, Y., Wang, M., Yeo, J. (2021)
Customizing the Properties of Borosilicate Foam Glasses via Additions under Low Sintering Temperatures with Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, p.121273.
7.Zhai, C., Zhang, J., Zhong, Y., Tao, X., Wang, M., Zhu, Y., Yeo J. (2022)
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8.Zhai, C.*, Zhong, Y., Wang, M., Zhang, J., Zhao, Y., & Zhu, Y*. (2022).
Stabilizing the pore structures of foam glasses for improving the mechanical and physical properties at a low sintering temperature
Materials Chemistry and Physics, 126520.
9.Zhai, C.*, Zhong, Y., Zhang, J., Yu, Y., Zhu, Y.* (2022)
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10.Zhai, C., Li, Z., Zhu, Y.,* Zhang, J., Wang, X., Zhao, L., Pan, L., & Wang, P.(2014)
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13.Yu, J.#, Zhai, C.#, Wang, M.#, Cai, Z., Yeo, J., Zhang, Q., Zhao, C., Lin, S.* (2022)
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Wiley VCH in Supramolecular Nanotechnology (eds O. Azzaroni and M. Conda-Sheridan). https://doi.org/10.1002/9783527834044.ch44

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