姓名: 孙永涛
人才称号: 北洋学者青年骨干教师
职称: 副教授
职务: 专业: 力学
所在机构: 力学系 个人主页: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Yongtao-Sun
邮箱: sunyongtao100@163.com 办公地点: 36楼力学系514房间
传真: 办公电话:
主要学历: 1. 2010/01-2013/04,意大利都灵理工大学,结构工程系,博士,导师:Nicola Pugno教授
2. 2007/09-2009/07,哈尔滨工业大学,土木工程学院工程力学系,硕士,导师:王焕定教授
3. 2003/09-2007/07,西安建筑科技大学,理学院工程力学系,本科

主要学术经历: 2013.10-2020.06, 天津大学力学系,讲师

主要研究方向: 智能振动与控制;耳部力学;机械结构设计;多功能多孔力学超结构;声学超材料。

主要讲授课程: 理论力学(国家精品课程);振动力学(全英文)


主要学术成就: 提出了多功能分级蜂窝超结构和微电子薄膜型超材料。

主要科研项目: 1.国家自然科学基金面上项目,12072222,新型超轻高刚共振腔夹层结构的低频减振机理和设计研究,62万元,2021.01-2024.12。

代表性论著: 30. Shuliang Cheng, Jinxin Yao, Qian Ding, Yajun Xin*, Yongtao Sun**, Haoqiang Gao. Lightweight High-stiffness Single-Phase foam metamaterials with Fluted Resonant Cavities for Low Frequency Bandgaps. Materials Today Communications 2021, (08), 102703.
29. Han Wang, Shuliang Cheng, Cong Wang, Yongtao Sun*, Yajun Xin**. Tunable band gaps and double-negative properties of innovative acoustic metamaterials. Applied Physics A 2021, 127(7), 1-12.
28. Guo Chunxia, Dong Zhao, Zhanli Liu, Qian Ding, Haoqiang Gao, Qun Yan, Yongtao Sun*, Fuguang Ren**. The 3D-Printed Honeycomb Metamaterials Tubes with Tunable Negative Poisson’s Ratio for High-Performance Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties. Materials 2021, 14, 1353.
27. Properties and tunability of band gaps in innovative reentrant and star-shaped hybrid honeycomb metamaterials. Yajun Xin, Han Wang, Cong Wang, Shuliang Cheng, Qingxin Zhao, Yongtao Sun*, Haoqiang Gao**, Fuguang Ren. Results in Physics 2021, 24, 104024.
26. Yajie Li, Zhiqiang Wu*, Qixun Lan, Yujie Cai, Huafeng Xu, Yongtao Sun**. Stochastic transition behaviors in a generalized Van der Pol oscillator with fractional damping under Gaussian white noise. Thermal Science 2021, 25, 40-40.
25. Yajie Li, Zhiqiang Wu*, Qixun Lan, Yujie Cai, Huafeng Xu, Yongtao Sun**. The modulation of response caused by the fractional derivative in the Duffing system under super-harmonic resonance. Thermal Science 2021, 25, 126-126.
24. Yajie Li, Zhiqiang Wu*, Qixun Lan, Yujie Cai, Huafeng Xu, Yongtao Sun**. Stochastic bifurcation analysis of a bistable Duffing oscillator with fractional damping under multiplicative noise excitation. Thermal Science 2021, 25(2), 125-125.
23. Tian Gao, Shuqian Cao*, Yongtao Sun. Nonlinear dynamic behavior of a flexible asymmetric aero-engine rotor system in maneuvering flight. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 2020, 33(10), 2633-2648.
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20. Shihui Yu*, Le Zhao, Rongchuang Liu, Chunmei Zhang, Haoran Zheng, Yongtao Sun, Lingxia Li. Performance enhancement of Cu-based AZO multilayer thin films via graphene fence engineering for organic solar cells. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 2018, 183, 66-72.
19. Muying Wu, Shihui Yu*, Yongtao Sun, Leijiao Ge. Highly performance of flexible transparent conductive Cu-based ZnO multilayer thin films via BS barrier layer. Ceramics International 2018, 44, 14318-14322.
18. Shihui Yu*, Rongchuang Liu, Leijiao Ge, Le Zhao, Lingxia Li*, Chunmei Zhang, Haoran Zheng, Yongtao Sun. High tunability in (1 1 0)-oriented BaZr0.2Ti0.8O3 (BTZ) lead-free thin films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition. Ceramics International 2018, 44, 3005-3008.
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