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The International Communication Association (ICA) of the School of Mechanical Engineering aims to build a cultural exchange platform for Chinese and foreign students to create an open and inclusive international atmosphere. By organizing various activities, we can provide opportunities for students from home and abroad to communicate with each other. At the same time, we will provide the information of international exchange programs to broaden students' horizons. The ICA will also help to accelerate the progress of internationalization in the School of Mechanical Engineering.


Department Introduction

Secretary Coordination Department: Responsible for the internal construction of the club, personnel arrangement, and promote the smooth progress of all the work of the club. The editor handles manuscripts, coordinates the reception of foreign guests, and establishes good and sustainable relations with foreign student organizations.


Communication Practice Department: Pay attention to the development of international students in our college and help them deal with the difficulties in language learning and life. Organize various competitions and fellowship activities for international students, plan foreign cooperation projects, translate and host on site when necessary


Technical Publicity Department: Operate WeChat public account, responsible for project publicity (such as making video, posters, etc.) and activity photography to expand the influence of the club.

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International Communication Association of School of

Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University




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