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Xiu Yuan 11 Building 248 Activity Room – Coming! The “Outstanding Doctoral Students’ Report”!
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In order to let undergraduates better know about the school life and solve their puzzles on various aspects of doctoral students so as to attract excellent students to apply for the bachelor-straight-to-doctorate program, the School of Mechanical Engineering has initiated the “Outstanding Doctoral Students’ Report” activity, where top doctoral students will be invited to hold a face-to-face exchange with undergraduates. We hope to see more excellent students participate in this activity!


A total of 7 outstanding doctoral students are invited in this activity. Let’s take a look at their excellent personal accomplishment:



Zhang Yuyang:


Basic Introduction:

Grade 2015, a bachelor-straight-to-doctorate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate University: Tianjin University, the School of Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Wuwei City, Gansu Province

Supervisor: Professor Leng Yonggang

Research Field: Vibration Energy Harvesting, Permanent Magnet Application

Hobbies: Swimming, Travelling, Following TV Series, Scientific Research

Achievements and Awards:

1. Titled “Outstanding Undergraduates of Tianjin University in Grade 2015”;

2. Published 1 SCI Paper in zone 4 as the first author;

3. Published 1 EI Search Paper as the first author;

4. Participance and making reports in International Academic Conference in America and South Korea consecutively;

5. Titled “Outstanding Student Cadre of Tianjin University” for 2 times consecutively

Academic Comprehension:  Enjoy scientific research! Love your life!



Liu Qi:


Undergraduate Period:

1. Awarded 2010 Caterpillar Scholarship, 2011 LG DAGU Scholarship, 2012 Weichai Power Scholarship

2. Titled “Merit Student” annually from 2009 to 2012

3. Served as the Chairman of Peiyang Harmonica Association and get it titled “Role Model Association of Tianjin University” from 2009 to 2010

4. Awarded the Team 1st Prize in the Guangshu Cup Graduation Design Competition for Undergraduates

Accomplishments of Scientific Research:

1. Published 1 SCI Paper in zone 2 of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2. Application for 4 Invention Patents

3. Application for 1 Software Copyright

4. Researched and developed 1 new set of Numerical Control System for Hybrid Robot with 5 degrees of freedom

Hobbies: Harmonica, Movies, Games

Motto: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  



Xu Chaochen


Basic Introduction: 

Member of the Communist Party of China

Bachelor of Engineering · Tianjin University · 2009-2013

Engineering Mechanics · Rankings: 3/60


A bachelor-straight-to-doctorate student · Tianjin University · 2013-2018

Solid Mechanics · Supervisor: Professor kang Yilan     

Awarded 2016 National Scholarship for Graduates


CSC Joint PhD Student Sponsored by the Government · The University of Texas at Austin · 2016-2017

Aeronautics and Astronautics ·

Supervisor: Professor Rui Huang


Participance in academic conferences for over 10 times and making 4 reports in international conferences

Published 6 SCI Papers as the first author or correspondent



Su Wen


Education Experience:  

2014.09-Today          Tianjin University

the School of Mechanical Engineering                PhD student


2017.09-2018.09        University of Maryland      Visiting Doctoral Student


2010.09-2014.06        Tianjin University  

Qiushi Honors College                             Undergraduate

Main Research Field:

1. Prediction of Physical Properties of Working Substance Based on Group Contribution Method

2. Working Substance Design and Thermodynamic Cycle Optimization Based on Physical Properties

3. Gas Liquid Two-Phase and Component Separation Based on Tube

Representative Awards and Honors:

1. 2018 Wu Zhonghua Outstanding Graduates

2. 2017 National Scholarship for Doctoral Students

3. 2016 Outstanding Reports on Academic Forum of PhD Students

Academic Part-time Job:

1. Members of World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd (WSSET)

2. Reviewer of International Journals: Energy, Energy Conversion and management

Academic Achievements:

18 Chinese and English papers were published, among which 11 SCI papers and 2 EI papers were competed as the first author and 2 projects were granted patents.


Tel: (+86) 151-0222-3252


WeChat: suwenjixie

Academic Website:

Research Group:

WeChat Official Account: 天大赵力课题组




Huo Sen:


Basic Introduction:

Grade 2013, a bachelor-straight-to-doctorate student

Member of the Communist Party of China

Doctoral Supervisor: Professor Jiao Kui

Education Experience:  

Tianjin University             Power Machinery and Engineering      

PhD student                                         2013.09-2018.12


University of California        Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering   

Joint PhD Student Sponsored by the Government           2015.09-2016.10


Tianjin University            Energy and Power Engineering   

Bachelor of Engineering                               2009.09-2013.06

Research Field:

1. Hydrothermal management of proton exchange membrane fuel cells at room temperature and sub-zero conditions

2. Design Optimization and Application of New Foam Flow Field in Fuel Cell

3. Mechanism and performance analysis of water and heat transfer machine in alkaline anion-exchange membrane fuel cell

Academic Experience:

1. Recommended PhD Student: Ranking 2rd in the Selection Interview

2. Academic Records: Ranking 1st in the Weighted Average Scores

3. Scholarships: Awarded Weichai Power Scholarship and Sinocat Scholarship for several times

Achievements and Awards:

1. Published 5 SCI Papers in zone 1 and 2 as the first author

3 SCI Cooperative Papers in zone 1 and 2

1 SCI Paper in zone 1 as the first author (in the process of submission)

2. Participance and making English reports in the 20th World Hydrogen Energy Conference(every 2 years), 16th International Heat Transfer Conference(every four years)

3. Writing 1 chapter for an English book as the first author, published by Springer-Verlag of Germany

4. Awarded the Special Prize of Tianjin University and Tianjin City and National Second Prize in the 2013 Challenge Cup Competition for National College Students

Leisure Life and Future Directions:

Hobbies:  anime, garage kit, basketball, badminton

Future Directions:  Automobile or New Energy Field

                  Universities or Enterprises (SAIC, GAC, FAW, etc.)



Li Xiaoya  


Basic Introduction:

Major: Power machinery and Engineering

Grade: 2014, a bachelor-straight-to-doctorate student

Supervisor: Professor Shu Gequn

Research Field: Thermal Management of Vehicles

Undergraduate University: Tianjin University (Recommended PhD Student)

Political Status: Member of the Communist Party of China

Native Place: Xiaoyi City, Shanxi Province

Hobbies: Yoga, Running, Badminton

Academic Achievements:

Academic Projects:

1. Major participants in key funds

2. Backbone in Key Projects of International Cooperation


1. 4 SCI Papers (as the first author, zone 1);

2. Application for 3 Invention Patents and 1 PCT;

3. Participance in 3 International Academic Conferences;

4. Participance in 1 Domestic Academic Conference


1. Reviewer of Journal Applied Thermal Engineering;

2. Joint Training for 1 year in Imperial College London Sponsored by CSC

Academic Records and Awards:

Doctoral Scores: 89.27

Undergraduate GPA: 3.72

English Level: IELTS 7.0

Social Activities:

1. Part-time editors of Journal Transactions of CSICE;

2. Volunteers in ISEF, AECS, Summer School, Summer Camp for Graduate Enrollment and Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

Double Major: Finance in Nankai University

Honors and Awards:

1. Weichai Power Scholarship

2. Kistler Scholarship, Merit Student

3. Outstanding Student Cadres

4. Advanced Individuals in International Exchanges

5. Advanced Individuals in Scientific and Technological Innovation



Ma Tianyu


Basic Introduction:

Major: Power machinery and Engineering           

Hometown: Zhang Jiakou City, Hebei Province

Grade: 2014, a bachelor-straight-to-doctorate student

Undergraduate University: Tianjin University (Recommended PhD Student)

Supervisor: Professor Yao Mingfa

Research Field: Internal combustion engine spray and in-cylinder heat transfer

Hobbies: Mountain-Climbing, Swimming, Skateboarding

Academic Project:

1. Study on turbulent combustion mechanism of near-wall area of internal combustion engine (91541111)

2. Theoretical Study on Combustion of Internal Combustion Engine Based on Mixed Gas Stratification and Fuel Chemical Activity Control (51320105008)

3. Tianjin University - Ford  

Combustion optimization under small load conditions based on thermal barrier coating

4. China North Engine Research Institute          

Thermal-hydraulic coupling analysis of high strength engine piston


1. 3 SCI Papers as the first author (1 paper in zone 1, 2 papers in zone 2)

2. Participance in 1 International Academic Conference and 3 Domestic Academic Conferences


1. Fortran/C

2. Able to perform related modeling and testing work on the Kiva open source platform

3. Proficient in software like Visual Studio, MATLAB and CFD

Records & Awards:

Undergraduate GPA: 3.72/4

Doctoral Scores: 87.24

Weichai Power Scholarship

Caterpillar Scholarship

Merit Student

Advanced Individual in Mental Health Education



Whether you are a senior student who is about to graduate or a fresh meat just arrived in this university, I believe you are full of yearning for and expectations from doctoral students and, at the same time, have some doubts to be figured out. The 7 PhD students we invited will meet you at Xiu Yuan 11 Building, where they are going to share with you the various aspects of academic experience and leisure life and answer all your questions. Welcome to join us and please follow our next post with interest!   


Mechanical disciplines Field:     

Sept. 11      18:00       Xiu Yuan 11 Building 248 Activity Room


Thermal Dynamic disciplines Field:    

Sept. 15                  Place to be confirmed


Mechanics disciplines Field:       

to be confirmed


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