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2018 (Qingdao)Master Students Attended the Opening Ceremony and Enrollment Education of Qingdao Institute for Ocean Engineering of Tianjin University
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On the morning of September 7, the opening ceremony of the 2018 Masters of Qingdao Institute for Ocean Engineering of Tianjin University was held in its auditorium. Relevant leaders and teachers from Qingdao Oceantec Valley Administration, Qingdao Institute for Ocean Engineering of Tianjin University, Graduate School, Regional Development Research Institute, and School of Mechanical Engineering attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Song Libin, Vice President of Qingdao Research Institute.


Firstly, on behalf of Qingdao Oceantec Valley Administration, Deputy Director Wang Xuedong addressed the ceremony. He briefly introduced the development status and future development plan of Qingdao Oceantec Valley, fully affirmed the achievements of Qingdao Institute for Ocean Engineering of Tianjin University, and said that the Qingdao Oceantec Valley Administration will continue to be highly concerned and give strong support. What’s more, he extended warm welcome to the freshmen and raised ardent expectations. He hoped that new students will expand their knowledge, improve their moral character and become talented soon.


Vice President Jia Hongjie delivered a speech on behalf of the Graduate School. He hoped that graduate students could establish lofty ideals, cultivate noble sentiments, improve their knowledge, and extensively engage in relevant fields. He wished that students could cherish the platform provided by the school and Qingdao Research Institute, and make great achievements for their parents, for themselves, for the school, and for the country.


Dean Yang Minghai delivered a speech on behalf of the Regional Development Research Institute. He said that as Tianjin University’s only postgraduate school set outside Tianjin, Qingdao Research Institute had made great progress in recent years with the strong support of local governments and the school. Qingdao Research Institute provides students with excellent learning environment and perfect study, research and living conditions. He hoped that all the students will actively participate in research and practice with their future dream.


Then the freshmen representative Song Yunchao took the floor. He said that the Qingdao Research Institute is beautiful, well-equipped, and far from city, which is beneficial for study and research. “We will cherish the good scientific and research condition by enriching ourselves in practice and study, and innovatively apply our knowledge into practices.”


Finally, Chairman Liu Yaochang delivered a speech on behalf of Qingdao Research Institute. He firstly expressed his gratitude to the leaders for their presence. He hoped that students of Qingdao Research Institute will make good use of the scientific and technological resources in the Qingdao Institute and Qingdao Oceantec Valley to engage themselves in scientific research and finally realize their dreams and goals in this land of Qingdao.


On the afternoon of September 7, Vice President Jiao Kui of the School of Mechanical Engineering held the enrollment education for 2018 students in the second classroom. Zhang Lianhong, professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Chen Lin, postgraduate academic dean, attended the conference. Jiao Kui firstly introduced the overall situation of the School of Mechanical Engineering, and then emphasized on the teaching, research and postgraduate education of the School of Mechanical Engineering.


In the symposium with the 2017 graduate students, Jiao Kui explained the thesis proposal to students and said that the college would invite teachers to participate in their thesis proposal. He also provided a detailed interpretation of some policy documents. Students also consulted on the internship report and graduation requirements, while Jiao Kui, Zhang Lianhong and Chen Lin answered them one by one.



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