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Alumnus Han Hongyuan, CEO of Jiahe Group visited his alma mater
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(Correspondent: Chen Yao, Photographer: Liu Shuang) July 6, CEO Han Hongyuan, class 80 alumnus of the school of Mechanical Engineering, visited his alma mater and was invited to officially unveil the "Outstanding Alumni Advanced Forum" sponsored by the School of Mechanical Engineering of Tianjin University. Apart from this, he made the first report of the   forum entitled "Follow the heart".


After the forum, Wang Shuxin, vice-chancellor of Tianjin University, met alumnus Han Hongyuan with kindness in the conference building. Wang Shuxin introduced the recent development of the university, saying that Tianjin University is working hard to become a world-class university, hoping to get the support and attention of its alumni. During the communication, alumnus Han Hongyuan talked about the feelings of visiting his alma mater and school, expressed his resolution that he would contribute to the development and construction of Tianjin university. Pan Feng, Director of Alumni and Foundation Affairs, Gu Yu, Deputy Director, Wang Tianyou, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, and Sun Tao, Vice President accompanied the meeting.


Accompanied by Pan Feng and others, alumnus Han Hongyuan visited the historical museum of the university, followed the commentator while going through the "time tunnel". They reviewed  long history and recent developmental footprint of Tianjin University, recollected memories in this beautiful campus as well, which also deepened his affections to alma mater, to the school. Subsequently, alumnus Han Hongyuan was interviewed in the alumni activity room of 9th teaching building .


The School of Mechanical Engineering attaches great importance to the work of welcoming alumni, will further strengthen the service to alumni, actively carry out various activities to encourage and welcome alumni to visit their alma mater.

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