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Name: Yang Li
Gender: Male
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Research projects: [1] Yang Li, Ling Ma, Wenjie Xu, Qiang Zhu, Wenjia Li, Jun Zhao*, Jiebei Zhu. Multi-external-chamber coaxial borehole heat exchanger: Dynamic heat transfer and energy consumption analysis. Energy Conversion and Management. 2020. 207:112519. (IF:8.208)
[2] Yang Li, Wenjie Xu, Ling Ma, Jun Zhao*, Wenjia Li*, Shihe Wang, Jiulong Liu. Dynamic heat transfer analysis of a direct-expansion CO2 downhole heat exchanger. Applied Thermal Engineering. 2021. 189:116733. (IF:4.725)
[3] Yang Li, Qingsong An, Liangxu Liu, Jun Zhao*. Thermal performance investigation of borehole heat exchanger with different U-tube diameter and borehole parameters. Energy Procedia. 2014. 61:2690-2694.
[4] Ling Ma, Yang Li, JunyaoWang, Siqi Li, Jun Zhao*, Wenjia Li*, Mohamed E. Zayed, Qi Shao, Mingyuan Sun. A thermal-dissipation correction method for in-situ soil thermal response test: Experiment and simulation under multi-operation conditions. Energy and Buildings. 2019. 194:218-231. (IF:4.867)
[5] Jun Zhao*, Yang Li, Junyao Wang. A review on heat transfer enhancement of borehole heat exchanger. Energy Procedia. 2016. 104:413-418.
[6] 赵军*,李扬,李浩,钟声远,马凌,李文甲. 中低温能源在中国. 太阳能学报. 2020. 已收录待见刊.

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