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Name: Wenjia Li
Gender: Male
Talent plan:
Professional title: Assistant Professor
Institution: Key Laboratory of Efficient Utilization of Low and Medium Grade Energy Specialty: Thermal Engineering
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Education: Ph. D. Engineering Thermophysics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 2013-2018
B. Eng. Thermal engineering, Dalian University of Technology 2009-2013

Academic experience:

Research interest: Full-spectrum utilization of solar energy; Photovoltaic-thermal hybrid utilization of solar energy; Solar fuel generation-(hydrogen, methanol).


Academic position:

Academic achievement:

Research projects:

Selected publications: 1. Wenjia Li, Yong Hao*. Efficient solar power generation combining photovoltaics and mid- / low-temperature methanol thermochemistry. Applied Energy, 2017, 202: 377-385. (IF:7.9)
2. Wenjia Li, Yunyi Ling, Xiangxin Liu, Yong Hao*. Performance analysis of a photovoltaic-thermochemical hybrid system prototype. Applied Energy, 2017, 204:939-947. (IF:7.9)
3. Wenjia Li, Yong Hao*. Explore the performance limit of a solar PV - thermochemical power generation system. Applied Energy, 2017, 206: 843-850. (IF:7.9)
4. Wenjia Li, Yong Hao*, Hongsheng Wang, Hao Liu, Jun Sui. Efficient and low-carbon heat and power cogeneration with photovoltaics and thermochemical storage. Applied Energy, 2017, 206:1523-1531. (IF:7.9)
5. Wenjia Li, Hongsheng Wang, Yong Hao*. A PVTC system integrating photon-enhanced thermionic emission and methane reforming for efficient solar power generation. Science Bulletin, 2017, 62(20):1380-1387. (IF:4.1)
6. Wenjia Li, Jian Jin, Hongsheng Wang, Xin Wei, Yunyi Ling, Yong Hao*, Gang Pei, Hongguang Jin. Full-spectrum solar energy utilization integrating spectrum splitting, photovoltaics and methane reforming. Energy Conversion and Management, 2018, 173:602-612. (IF:6.4)

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