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Name: WANG Yue-Sheng
Gender: Male
Talent plan: Winner of National Outstanding Youth Fund
Professional title: Professor
Institution: Department of Mechanics, School of Mechanical Engineering Specialty: Solid Mechanics
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Office: Room 522, Building 36
Education: 1984.9-1988.7:BD in applied mechanics Department of Applied Mechanics. Fudan University, Shanghai, China
1988.9-1993.7:Ph. D in solid mechanics, Department of Astronautics and Mechanics, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Academic experience: 1993.8-1995.9:Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harbin University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (now merged into Harbin Institute of Technology), China
1995.10-2018.7:Associate Professor / Professor, Institute of Engineering Mechanics / Department of Mechanics, Beijing Jiaotong University, China
2018.8----------:Department of Mechanics, Tianjin University, China

Research interest: 1. Dynamic mechanics and applications of functional/smart materials and structures, incl. wave and vibration of metastructured materials (phononic crystals, acoustic/elastic metamaterials, acoustic/elastic metasurfaces), functionally graded materials, smart materials with multiple field coupling; design based on topology optimization and machine learning
2. Control of waves with applications, incl. control and dynamic manipulation of acoustic/elastic waves using phononic functional materials, with applications in vibration isolation, noise reduction, cloaking, focusing, acoustic devices etc.
3. Mechanism and method of nondestructive testing, incl. nonlinear ultrasonic NDT&E of metal and adhesive joints, NDE technique based on metal magnetic memory for ferromagnetic materials

Teaching: Mechanics of materials, Theory of elasticity, mechanics of elastic waves, fracture mechanics

Academic position: 1. China Society of Mechanics (Supervisor), Professional Committee of Solid Mechanics (Vice chairman)
2. China Association of Metamaterials (Fellow)
3. Teaching Steering Committee of Mechanics Major in Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education (Member)
4. The 8th Academic Degree Committee of the State Council (Member)
5.《Acta Mechanica Solida Sinica》, Associate Editor-in-Chief
6.《International Journal of Applied Mechanics》, Editorial Board Member
7.《Applied Mathematics and Mechanics》, Editorial Board Member
8.《Advances in Mechanics》(Chinese), Editorial Board Member

Academic achievement:

Research projects: 1.Multi-field Coupling Dynamic Mechanics and Control of Advanced Materials and Structures — Innovative Research Group Project of NSFC (12021002), 1/21–12/25
2.Transmission mechanism and control of the wave energy in mechanical metamaterials — Project (#1) supported by Major Program of NSFC (11991031), 1/20–12/24.
3.Design principle and optimization of metasurface-based waterborne sound coatings — NSFC (11972246), 1/20–12/23.
4.Joint Sino-German Research Project: Acoustic metamaterial-based energy harvesting of mechanical waves: Modeling, optimization and experiments — Sino-German Center for Research Promotion (NSFC&DFG) (GZ 1355), 7/17–8/21.
5.Performance optimization and manipulation of elastic waves in periodic soft material structures — Key project of NSFC (11532001), 1/16–12/20.
6.Analysis and design of acoustic band gap materials and structures — Key project of NSFC (1063202), 1/07–12/10.
7.Monitoring and predicting of degradation of materials and structures — Co-operative Science Fund for Oversea Young Scholars, NSFC (10228204), 1/03–12/05.
Frictional slip interface waves and unstable sliding of interfaces — National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, NSFC (10025211), 1/01–12/05.

Selected publications:

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