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Name: Yang Shaoqiong
Gender: Male
Talent plan: /
Professional title: Lecturer
Post: Master's Tutor and Associate Supervisor of PhD
Institution: Deep sea intelligent equipment team @ Department of Mechanical Engineering, SME Specialty: Mechanical Engineering
Email: Personal website:
Tel: 0532-58763812青岛海洋科学与技术试点国家实验室海洋观测与探测联合实验室(天津大学部分) Fax: 0532-58763811
Education: 09/2009-06/2015天津大学机械工程学院流体力学专业硕博连读研究生 Tianjin University (TJU)
Degree of Master-Doctor Combined Program of Engineering; Majoring in Fluid Mechanics, School of Mechanical Engineering (S.M.E.)

09/2013-10/2014国家公派英国诺丁汉大学联合培养博士研究生 University of Nottingham (UoN)
China National Construction of High Level Colleges for Postgraduate Study Abroad Project (joint PhD student of Engineering funded by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC))

09/2005-06/2009天津理工大学机械学院机械工程及自动化专业 Tianjin University of Technology (TUT)
Bachelor of Engineering; Majoring in Mechanical Engineering & Automation, S.M.E.

Academic experience: 03/2017-Present天津大学讲师、硕导、博士研究生副导师 Tianjin University(TJU)
Lecturer and master's tutor @ Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, TJU.

09/2015-03/2017 新加坡南洋理工大学博士后 Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
Research Fellow @NTU with the Projects of Experimental Fluid Mechanics on the Flow “Active Control of Turbulent Boundary Layer Using Transverse Traveling Waves” and “The Integrated Studies to Fully Reveal the Fluid Physics of Stall Delay”.

Research interest: (1) 自主水下航行器水动力学外形设计及其减阻策略研究

(2) 高速水下航行器水动力学仿真及其实验研究

(3) 超长航程水下滑翔机仿生表面功能特性与设计方法研究

(4) 新一代自持式仿生水下滑翔机设计及其减阻策略研究

Teaching: 模具设计与制造(32学时)
Mold design and manufacture (32-credit hours)

Academic position: 《Journal of Turbulence》,《Sensors》,《Journal of Experimental Biology》,《Journal of Bionic Engineering》和《IEEE Access》等期刊特约审稿人

Invited reviewer of Journals of “Journal of Turbulence”,“Sensors”,“Journal of Experimental Biology”,“Journal of Bionic Engineering” and “IEEE Access”

Academic achievement: [1]王树新、王延辉、张宏伟、刘玉红、杨绍琼,自主研制的系列“海燕”水下滑翔机创造世界纪录,2018年度中国海洋与湖沼十大科技进展(排名第三),中国海洋湖沼学会,2018;


Research projects: [1] 国家自然科学基金青年科学基金项目,11902219,超长航程水下滑翔机仿生表面功能特性实验研究,2020/01-2022/12,22.00万元[已到位0.00万元],在研,主持

[2] GF科技创新特区技术开发项目,********,RST-FSPY水下滑翔机关键技术研究,2018/12-2020/12,200.00万元[已到位100.00万元],在研,主持

[3] 工业和信息化部高技术船舶科研项目子课题,********,“极地探测无人潜器研制”项目子课题“极地AUV控制技术研究”,2019/01-2022/12,36.00万元[已到位15.00万元],在研,主持

[4] 天津市自然科学基金青年项目,18JCQNJ05100,基于仿生粗糙表面的水下滑翔机减阻策略研究,2018/04-2021/03,6.00万元[已到位5.00万元],在研,主持

[5] **预研教育部联合基金项目子课题,**********,KBY-水下滑翔机及-ZW-研究,2019/03-2020/12,30.00万元[已到位0.00万元],在研,主持

[6] ***项目课题,**************,UUV-XIAONENG-*****研发,2019/03-2020/12,40.00万元[已到位0.00万元],在研,主持

[7] 青岛海洋科学与技术试点国家实验室预研项目,20183702010578,CP-2017-01预先研究项目适应性改进水下滑翔机,2018/08-2019/11,199.95万元[已到位199.95万元],在研,主持

[8] 青岛海洋科学与技术试点国家实验室预研项目,***********,CP-2017-01预先研究项目水下运载器快速性试验,2018/08-2019/11,145.50万元[已到位72.75万元],在研,主持

[9] 自然资源部国家海洋技术中心(横向)项目,NOTC-2018-2-002,水下滑翔机断面调查,2018/06-2018/12,29.50万元 [已到位29.50万元],结题,主持

Selected publications: 发表学术论文/PUBLICATIONS:

已发表期刊论文/ Published Journal Papers:
[1] Jiang Nan* and Yang Shaoqiong,As light as a butterfly, as thin as a bee—the mystery of dragonflies based on fluid mechanics [J]. Mechanics in Engineering, 2019,41(04): 478-482 (In Chinese); 姜楠,杨绍琼,轻于粉蝶瘦于蜂——漫话蜻蜓的流体力学奥秘 [J],力学与实践,2019,41(04):478-482;

[2] Shuxin Wang*, Haozhang Li, Yanhui Wang, Yuhong Liu, Hongwei Zhang and Shaoqiong Yang. Dynamic modeling and motion analysis for a dual-buoyancy-driven full ocean depth glider [J]. Ocean Engineering, 2019, 187: 106163. (SCI:暂无, IF 2.730, Q1; EI: 20193007235555);

[3] Wei Ma, Yanhui Wang, Shuxin Wang, Gege Li and Shaoqiong Yang. Optimization of Hydrodynamic Parameters for Underwater Glider Based On the Electromagnetic Velocity Sensor [J]. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 2019: 233(14): 5019-5023. (SCI: 000473468700015, IF 0.996, Q4; EI: 20191506748921) ;

[4] 谷有铭;王延辉*;乔显辉;刘玉红;杨绍琼. 基于水下滑翔机的海洋微结构湍流观测技术研究 [J]. 海洋科学进展,2019(已录用);

[5] Li Shan, Jiang Nan* and Yang Shaoqiong*, Influence of sinusoidal riblets on the coherent structures in turbulent boundary layer studied by TR-PIV [J]. Acta Physica Sinica, 2019, 68(7):074702 (In Chinese); 李山,姜楠*,杨绍琼*. 正弦波沟槽对湍流边界层相干结构影响的TR-PIV实验研究 [J]. 物理学报,2019, 68(7):074702. (SCI: 000463830200017, IF 0.669, Q4; EI: 20192307005356);

[6] Yang Shaoqiong*, Wang Yanhui, Yang Ming, Song Yang, and Wu Yanhua*. POD-based data mining of turbulent flows in front of and on top of smooth and roughness-resolved forward-facing steps [J]. IEEE Access, 2019, 7 (1): 18234-18255. (SCI: 000459607600001, IF 3.557, Q1; EI: 20191006580652);

[7] Li Shan,Jiang Nan*,Yang Shaoqiong*,Huang Yongxiang, Wu Yanhua. Coherent structures over riblets in turbulent boundary layer studied by combining time-resolved particle image velocimetry (TRPIV), proper orthogonal decomposition (POD), and finite-time Lyapunov exponent (FTLE) [J]. Chinese Physics B, 2018, 27(10): 104701. (SCI: 000448163400001, IF 1.321, Q3; EI: 20184405995323);

[8] Wei Ma, Yanhui Wang*, Shaoqiong Yang, Shuxin Wang, and Zhao Xue (2018) Observation of Internal Solitary Waves Using an Underwater Glider in the Northern South China Sea [J]. Journal of Coastal Research, 2018, 34(5): 1188-1195 (SCI: 000444803400016, IF 0.804, Q4) ;

[9] Sang Hongqiang, Zhou Ying, Sun Xiujun*, Yang Shaoqiong. Heading tracking control with an adaptive hybrid control for under actuated underwater glider [J]. ISA Transactions, 2018, 80: 554-563. (SCI: 000448090600049, IF 3.370, Q1; EI: 20182905572841);

[10] Xinrui, Wang Yanhui*, Yang Shaoqiong, Liang Yan and LI Haozhang, Development of Underwater Gliders:An Overview and Prospect [J]. Journal of Unmanned Undersea Systems, 2018, 26(2): 89-106, (In Chinese); 沈新蕊, 王延辉*, 杨绍琼, 梁岩, 李昊璋. 水下滑翔机技术发展现状与展望. 水下无人系统学报, 2018, 26(2): 89-106;

[11] Yanhua Wu*, Zhanqi Tang, Shaoqiong Yang, Martin Skote, Hui Tang, Ge Zhang, and Yong Shan. Proper-Orthogonal-Decomposition Study of Turbulent Near Wake of S805 Airfoil in Deep Stall [J]. AIAA Journal, 2017, 55(6): 1959-1969. (SCI: 000402522200015, IF 1.556, Q2; EI: 20172403755521);

[12] Yang Shaoqiong* and Jiang Nan, The history of aeronautics in Peiyang University [J]. Mechanics in Engineering, 2017, 39(4): 421-426 (In Chinese); 杨绍琼,姜楠*. 那些年,北洋航空那些事儿 [J]. 力学与实践,2017, 39(4): 421-426;

[13] Jiang Nan*, Tian Yan, Yang Shaoqiong, Su Jian and Tian Haiping, White dew on autumn lotus as large as a pearl——talk about superhydrophobic phenomenon from dew on lotus [J]. Mechanics in Engineering, 2017, 39(5): 515-519 (In Chinese); 姜楠*, 田砚, 杨绍琼, 苏健, 田海平. 秋荷白露大如珠——从荷叶上的露珠谈超疏水现象. 力学与实践, 2017, 39(5): 515-519;

[14] Yang Shaoqiong*, Li Shan, Tian Haiping, Wang Qing-Yi, Jiang Nan*. Tomographic PIV investigation on coherent vortex structures over shark-skin-inspired drag-reducing riblets, Acta Mechanica Sinica, 2016, 32(2): 284-294 (SCI: 000376085100010, IF 1.545, Q3; EI: 20155101679624);

[15] Tian Haiping, Jiang Nan, Huang Yongxiang, Yang Shaoqiong*. Study on local topology model of low/high streak structures in wall-bounded turbulence by tomographic time-resolved particle image velocimetry, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (English Edition), 2015, 36(9): 1121-1130. (SCI: 000360666400002, IF 1.538, Q3; EI: 20153001066955);

[16] Yang Shaoqiong, Kwing-So Choi, Jiang Nan. Flow visualization on Kelvin-Helmholtz-like roller structures in turbulent boundary layer over riblets [J]. Chinese Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2015, 47(3):529-533. (In Chinese); 杨绍琼*, 崔宏昭, 姜楠. 纵向沟槽壁面湍流边界层内类开尔文-亥姆霍兹涡结构的流动显示. 力学学报.2015, 47(3):529-533 (EI: 20152500946661);

[17] Shaoqiong Yang, Shan Li, Haiping Tian, Qingyi Wang, Nan Jiang*, Coherent spanwise structures in turbulent boundary layer over drag-reducing riblets, Transactions of Tianjin University, 2015, 21(4): 317-323. (EI: 20153201119044);

[18] Bao Quan, Jiang Nan, Yang Shaoqiong*, 3D reconstruction technique for tomographic PIV, Transactions of Tianjin University, 2015, 21(6): 533-540 (EI: 20155001676339);

[19] Yang Shaoqiong* and Jiang Nan, On Kelvin-Helmholtz instability in wave clouds [J]. Mechanics in Engineering, 2014, 36 (06): 802-805, (In Chinese); 杨绍琼*,姜楠. 奇妙的“波浪云”—浅谈开尔文-亥姆霍兹不稳定性现象. 力学与实践. 2014, 36(06): 802-805;

[20] Haiping Tian, Shaoqiong Yang, Lu Cheng, Yuan Wang and Nan Jiang*. Antisymmetric quadrupole mode of coherent structures in wall-bounded turbulence. Theor. Appl. Mech. Lett. 2013, 3(05):14-052002;

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[22] Yang Shaoqiong, Jiang Nan*. Tomographic TR-PIV measurement of coherent structure spatial topology utilizing an improved quadrant splitting method, SCIENCE CHINA Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy, 2012, 55(10): 1863-1872. (SCI: 000308953800020, IF 2.754, Q1; EI: 20123915468641);

[23] Yang Shaoqiong and Jiang Nan*, On the measurement of spatial characteristic scale in turbulent boundary layer based on tomographic time-resolved PIV [J]. J. Exp. Mech., 2011, 26(04): 369-376(In Chinese); 杨绍琼,姜楠*. 湍流边界层空间特征尺度的层析TRPIV测量. 实验力学. 2011, 26(04): 369-376.

已发表国际会议论文/ Published International Conference Papers:

[1] Sun Tongshuai, Yang Mingyuan, Wang Yanhui, Wang Shuxin, Huang cheng, Yang Shaoqiong, Chen Yan. Parametric Design and Experimental Verification of Cicada-wing-inspired Controllable Wing Mechanism for Underwater Glider. In: Uhl T. (Eds) Advances in Mechanism and Machine Science. IFToMM WC 2019. Mechanisms and Machine Science, 2019 (73): 23-32. Springer Netherlands. (EI: 20192607085492);

[2] Shufeng Li, Shuxin Wang, Fumin Zhang, Yanhui Wang, Yuhong Liu and Shaoqiong Yang, Observing an anticyclonic eddy in the South China Sea using multiple underwater gliders, OCEANS 2018 MTS, 22-25 Oct. 2018, Charleston, SC, USA (EI: 20190806541877);

[3] Yanhua Wu, Shaoqiong Yang*, Zhanqi Tang, An experimental study of fluid dynamics of stall delay on the blade of a horizontal-axis wind turbine, Fifth International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering - CSM 2017:. 23-24 Sept. Zurich, Switzerland;

[4] Zheng Xiaobo, Zhang Hao, Yang Shaoqiong*, Jiang Nan and Wu Yanhua. Predetermined control of turbulent boundary layer by means of a piezoelectric oscillator, AIAA AVIATION 2016, 13-17 June, Washington, D.C. USA (EI: 20163202681649);

[5] Tian Haiping, Yang Shaoqiong* and Jiang Nan, Topological characteristics of coherent structures in the turbulent boundary layer measured by Tomo-PIV, Advanced Materials Research, 2013(718), 801-806. (EI: 20133516683058);

[6] Yang Shaoqiong*, Li Shan, Tian Haiping, Wang Qingyi, Jiang Nan*, TR-PIV measurement of drag-reduction in the turbulent boundary layer over riblets surface. In: Proceedings of 12th Asian Symposium on Visualization (ASV12), Taiwan, 2013, May 19-23;

[7] Shaoqiong Yang*, Nan Jiang. Several measurement results on the wall-bounded turbulent boundary layer utilizing tomographic TR-PIV technology. XXIII ICTAM, 2012, 19–24 August, Beijing, China;

[8] Yang Shaoqiong, Li Yifan, Jiang Nan*. Data mining of coherent structures from turbulence tomographic TR-PIV signal database utilizing improved quadrant splitting method. In: Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD'12), Chongqing, 2012, May 29-31:1049-1053. (EI: 20130515971314);

[9] Yang Shaoqiong, Jiang Nan*, Wavelet analysis to detect multi-scale coherent eddy structures and intermittency in turbulent boundary layer, In: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD'11), Shanghai, 2011, July 26-28:1241-1245. (EI: 20114014401026).

已发表期刊译文/ Published Translation:

[1] Brian Dean Bharat Bhushan. Shark-skin surfaces for fluid-drag reduction in turbulent flow: a review. Advances in Mechanics, 2012, 42(6): 821-83; 杨绍琼*,李山,田海平,李一凡译,湍流流动中鲨鱼皮表面流体减阻研究进展. 力学进展. 2012, 42(6): 821-836.


[1] 王树新,王延辉,王士昌,杨绍琼,张连洪,张宏伟,刘玉红;一种模拟深海恒压状态测试装置;发明;专利号:201910778519.5;申请日:2019.08.22;

[2] 王树新,王延辉,孙安琪,杨绍琼,张连洪,张宏伟,刘玉红;一种用于深海探测潜器浮力调节的油箱;发明;专利号:201910736846.4;申请日:2019.08.10;

[3] 王树新,王延辉,万绪,杨绍琼,张连洪,张宏伟,刘玉红;一种可在高水压下回油的水下滑翔机浮力调节系统;发明;专利号:201910735696.5;申请日:2019.08.09;

[4] 王树新,王延辉,孙通帅,杨绍琼,张连洪,张宏伟,刘玉红;丝驱动柔性可变翼装置及水下航行器;发明;专利号:201910541254.7;申请日:2019.06.21;

[5] 王树新,王延辉,孙通帅,杨绍琼,张连洪,张宏伟,刘玉红;丝驱动柔性可变翼装置及水下航行器;实用新型;专利号:201920945231.8;申请日:2019.06.21;

[6] 王树新,王延辉,李保玉,杨绍琼,张连洪,张宏伟,刘玉红;液压泵性能测试装置;实用新型;专利号:201920933113.5;申请日:2019.06.19;

[7] 王树新,王延辉,孙家林,杨绍琼,张连洪,张宏伟,刘玉红;抽真空灌油装置;实用新型;专利号:201920929826.4;申请日:2019.06.19;

[8] 桑宏强,刘芬,关海鹏,游雨嵩,张帅,彭彬,何柏岩,杨绍琼;一种用于补给波浪滑翔器电能的装置;发明;专利号:201910514405.X;申请日:2019.06.14;【天津】

[9] 王树新,王延辉,张润锋,杨绍琼,张宏伟,刘玉红,何柏岩;海洋滑翔机组网架构、任务分配方法及队形控制方法;发明;专利号:201910514409.8;申请日:2019.06.14;【天津】

[10] 王延辉,王树新,杨绍琼,张连洪,张宏伟,卢法良;一种高水压下浸水物体压缩量测量装置;发明;专利号:201910303362.0;申请日:2019.04.16;

[11] 王树新,王延辉,张连洪,杨绍琼,张宏伟;一种便携式水下航行器折展翼;实用新型;专利号:201920076570.7;申请日:2019.01.17;

[12] 王树新,王延辉,张连洪,杨绍琼,张宏伟;一种水下滑翔机在不同水深时的浮力测量方法;发明;专利号:201910043561.2;申请日:2019.01.17;

[13] 王树新,杨绍琼,王延辉,张连洪,张宏伟;一种油管减阻效果与压力测试的系统及方法;发明;专利号:201811637524.6;申请日:2018.12.29;公布日:2019.05.07. 【天津】

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