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Name: Lin Jiewei
Gender: Male
Talent plan:
Professional title: Associate Professor
Institution: State Key Laboratory of Engines Specialty: Power Machinery and Engineering
Email: Personal website:
Tel: Fax:
Office: 34-407, Peiyang Campus
Education: • 2009/09-2013/06, State Key Laboratory of Engines, Tianjin University, China, PhD
• 2007/09-2009/06, State Key Laboratory of Engines Tianjin University, China, MSc
• 2003/09-2007/06, Faculty of Energy and Power Engineering, Tianjin University, China, BSc

Academic experience: • 2017-present, Associate Professor, State Key Laboratory of Engines, Tianjin University, China
• 2015-2017, Research Fellow, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, University of Southampton, UK
• 2013-2014, Postdoctoral Researcher, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University, China

Research interest: Interdisciplinary research in vibration and noise of human interaction, including human response to vibration and noise, dynamic and biodynamic modelling and fatigue

Teaching: Vibration and noise of power machinery (MSc)

Academic position:

Academic achievement:

Research projects: 1. Young Scholar program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research on biodynamic characteristics of seated human body under 0-20 Hz roll vibration, 51705357, 240000,2018.01-2020.12, PI
2. General Program of Tianjin Natural Science Foundation, Study on pitch vibration of seated human body under pulse and wide-band random vertical excitations with multiple postures, 18JCYBJC20000, 100000, 2018.04-2021.03, PI
3. National Key R&D Program of China, Research on matching techniques of NVH and cooling system of fuel cell heavy truck, 1500000, 2018.01-2019.08, PI

Selected publications: 1. J. Lin, Z. Lin, L. Ma, T. Xu, D. Chen, and J. Zhang, Analysis and optimisation of coupled vibration between substructures of a multi-axle vehicle, Journal of Vibration and Control, 2018.
2. J. Zhang, Z. Xu, J. Lin*, Z. Lin, J. Wang, and T. Xu, Thermal Characteristics Investigation of the Internal Combustion Engine Cooling-Combustion System Using Thermal Boundary Dynamic Coupling Method and Experimental Verification. Energies, 2018. 11(8): 2127-2146.
3. Z. Xu, J. Zhang, J. Lin*, T. Xu, J. Wang, and Z. Lin, An Overall Bubble Diameter Model for the Flow Boiling and Numerical Analysis through Global Information Searching. Energies, 2018. 11(5): 1297-1316.
4. X. Fu, J. Zhang, and J. Lin*, Study on the fatigue life and damage accumulation of a compressor blade based on a modified nonlinear damage model. Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 2018. 41(5): 1077-1088.
5. J. Wang, J. Zhang, J. Lin*, and L. Ma, Study on Lubrication Performance of Journal Bearing with Multiple Texture Distributions. Applied Sciences, 2018. 8(2): 244-256.
6. J. Lin, W. Li, S. Yang, and J. Zhang, Vibration Fatigue Damage Accumulation of Ti–6Al–4V under Constant and Sequenced Variable Loading Conditions. Metals, 2018. 8(5): 296-308.
7. J. Zhang, X. Lu, J. Lin*, L. Ma, and J. Wang, Dynamic Analysis of a Rotor-Bearing-SFD System with the Bearing Inner Race Defect. Shock and Vibration, 2017. 2017: 2489376.
8. X. Lu, J. Zhang, L. Ma, J. Lin*, J. Wang, J. Wang, and H. Dai, Effects of misalignment on the nonlinear dynamics of a two-shaft rotor-bearing-gear coupling system with rub-impact fault. Journal of Vibroengineering, 2017. 19(8): 5960-5977.
9. J. Zhang, S. Yang, and J. Lin*, A nonlinear continuous damage model based on short‐crack concept under variable amplitude loading. Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 2016. 39(1): 79-94.
10. J. Zhang, J. Wang, J. Lin*, Q. Guo, K. Chen, and L. Ma, Multiobjective optimization of injection molding process parameters based on Opt LHD, EBFNN, and MOPSO. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2016. 85(9): 2857–2872.
11. J. Zhang, P. Guo, J. Lin*, and K. Wang, A mathematical model for coupled vibration system of road vehicle and coupling effect analysis. Applied Mathematical Modelling, 2016. 40(2): 1199-1217.
12. J. Wang, J. Zhang, J. Lin*, W. Li, H. Dai, and H. Hu, Performance Analysis of a Fiber Reinforced Plastic Oil Cooler Cover Considering the Anisotropic Behavior of the Fiber Reinforced PA66. Polymers, 2016. 8(9): 312-333.
13. L. Ma, J. Zhang, J. Lin*, J. Wang, and X. Lu, Dynamic characteristics analysis of a misaligned rotor-bearing system with squeeze film dampers. Journal of Zhejiang University-Science A, 2016. 17(8): 614-631.
14. M. Xu, J. Zhang, J. Lin*, P. Guo, W. He, and Z. Li, Prediction and control of the structure-borne noise of a vehicle based on an optimization technique of the vehicle-body model. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, 2015. 229(11): 1457-1468.
15. J. Zhang, S. Yang, and J. Lin*, Fatigue crack growth rate of Ti-6Al-4V considering the effects of fracture toughness and crack closure. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2015. 28(02): 409-415.
16. J. Lin, J. Zhang, S. Yang, and F. Bi, Reliability analysis of aero-engine blades considering nonlinear strength degeneration. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, 2013. 26(3): 631-637.
17. J. Lin, J. Zhang, G. Zhang, G. Ni, and F. Bi, Aero-engine blade fatigue analysis based on nonlinear continuum damage model using neural networks. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2012. 25(2): 338-345.
18. X. Fu, J. Zhang, J. Lin*, Y. Yuan, and Z. Liu, Dynamic Characteristics Analysis and Fatigue Damage Estimation of a Compressor Blade under Fluid-Structure Interaction, in SAE Technical Paper 2018. p. 2018-2001-1206.
19. J. Lin and Y. Qiu. Mathematical Modelling of the Rear Drive Unit of a Lightweight Vehicle for Sensitivity Analysis of Vibration. in ASME 2016 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference. 2016. American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
20. J. Lin and Y. Qiu. Optimisation of the rear drive unit bushings of a lightweight vehicle under shock excitation. in 51st UK Conference on Human Response to Vibration. 2016. Institute of Naval Medicine, Gosport, England.
21. J. Lin and Y. Qiu. Sensitivity analysis of a lightweight rear differential unit on ride comfort of a sport utility vehicle. in The 50th UK Conference on Human Response to Vibration. 2015. Southampton, England.

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