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Name: Geosign
Gender: Male
Talent plan:
Professional title: Lecture
Institution: State Key Laboratory of Engines Specialty: Energy and Power Engineering
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Education: 2010.9-2014.3 Doctor degree, Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and technology, Shinshu University, Japan
2008.9-2010.7 Master degree, Fine Materials Engineering, Shinshu University, Japan
2004.9-2008.7 Bachelor degree of Dyeing and Finishing Material and Engineering, Soochow University, China

Academic experience: 2016.7-Present Lecture, School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University
2014.3-2016.6 Postdoctoral researcher, School of Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University

Research interest: Fuel cell, Electrochemistry, Design of catalyst

Teaching: Electrochemistry for fuel cell

Academic position:

Academic achievement:

Research projects:

Selected publications: (1) Weikang Zhu, Xiangwen Zhang, Yan Yin, Yanzhou Qin, Junfeng Zhang*, Qingfa Wang, In-situ electrochemical activation of carbon fiber paper for the highly efficient electroreduction of concentrated nitric acid, 2018, 291, 328-334.
(2) Sen Liu, Guozhu Li*, Yuying Gao, Zhourong Xiao, Junfeng Zhang, Qingfa Wang, Xiangwen Zhang, Li Wang, Doping carbon nanotubes with N, S, and B for electrocatalytic oxygen reduction: a systematic investigation on single, double, and triple doped modes, Catalysis Science & Technology, 2017, 7, 4007-4016.
(3) Qingfa Wang, Kun Yue, Xiangwen Zhang, Li Wang, Michael D. Guiver*, Junfeng Zhang*, Carbon fiber paper supported nano-Pt electrode with high electrocatalytic activity for concentrated nitric acid reduction, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2017, 794, 43-48.
(4) Hao Chen, Xiangwen Zhang, Junfeng Zhang, Qingfa Wang*, Controllable synthesis of hierarchical ZSM-5 for hydroconversion of vegetable oil to aviation fuel- like hydrocarbons, RSC Advances, 2017, 7, 46109.
(5) Ting Guo, Jing Sun, Junfeng Zhang, Hao Deng, Xu Xie, Kui Jiao*, Xuri Huang*, Transient analysis of passive vapor-feed DMFC fed with neat methanol, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2017, 42(5), 3222-3239.
(6) Qingfa Wang, Ruoping Yanzhang, Yaqing Wu, Han Zhu, Junfeng Zhang*,Mingliang Du*, Ming Zhang, Xiangwen Zhang, Xinhua Liang, Silk-derived graphene-like carbon with high electrocatalytic activity for oxygen reduction reaction, RSC Advances, 2016, 6: 34219-34224.
(7) MeiLing Zou#,JunFeng Zhang#,Han Zhu,MingLiang Du*,QingFa Wang*,Ming Zhang,XiangWen Zhang,A 3D dendritic WSe2 catalyst grown on carbon nanofiber mats for efficient hydrogen evolution,Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2015, 3(23):12149-12153.
(8) Han Zhu#,Junfeng Zhang#, Ruoping Yanzhang,Mingliang Du*, Qingfa Wang*, Guohua Gao*, Jiandong Wu, Guangming Wu, Ming Zhang, Bo Liu, Juming Yao, Xiangwen Zhang, When Cubic Cobalt Sulfide Meets Layered Molybdenum Disulfide: A Core-Shell System Toward Synergetic Electrocatalytic Water Splitting, Advanced Materials, 2015, 27(32): 4752-4759.
(9) Qingfa Wang, Xiaobo Zhao, Junfeng Zhang*, Xiangwen Zhang,Investigation of nitrate reduction on polycrystalline Pt nanoparticles with controlled crystal plane, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2015, 755: 210-214.
(10) Junfeng Zhang, Takaaki Nakai, Masaharu Uno, Yoshinori Nishiki, Wataru Sugimoto*, Effect of the boron content on the steam activation of boron-doped diamond electrodes, Carbon, 2013, 65: 206-213.
(11) Junfeng Zhang, Takaaki Nakai,Masaharu Uno,Yoshinori Nishiki,Wataru Sugimoto*,Preferential {100} etching of boron-doped diamond electrodes and diamond particles by CO2 activation, Carbon, 2013, 70:207-214.
(12) Tatsuya Ohashi,Junfeng Zhang, Yoshio Takasu,Wataru Sugimoto, Steam activation of boron doped diamond electrodes, Electrochimica Acta, 2011,56:5599-5604.

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