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Name: Liu Yang
Gender: Male
Talent plan:
Professional title: Assisitant Professor
Institution: Department of Mechanics, Tianjin University Specialty: Solid Mechanics
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Office: Room 501, Building No.36, Tianjin University
Education: 2006.9-2010.7 Department of Mathematics Zhengzhou University

2010.9-2015.4 Department of Mathematics City University of Hong Kong Ph.D

Academic experience: 2016.5-2016.6 City University of Hong Kong, Postdoctoral Fellow,
2018.5-2018.6 City University of Hong Kong, Postdoctoral Fellow.

Research interest: Soft matter mechanics
Buckling and post-buckling analyses in structures
Liquid crystal elastomer

Teaching: 《Continuum Mechanics》

Academic position: OSA member

Academic achievement:

Research projects:

Selected publications: 1. Yang Liu and Hui-Hui Dai. Compression of a layer-substrate structure: Transitions between buckling and surface modes. International Journal of
Engineering Science. 80 (2014), 74–89.
2. Hui-Hui Dai and Yang Liu. Critical thickness ratio for buckled and wrinkled fruits and vegetables. Europhysics Letters. 108(4) (2014), 44003.
3. Yanjie Cao, Yanan Wang, Yang Liu and Yuxin Xie. Explicit computational model of dielectric elastomeric lenses. Optics Express. 25(23), (2017), 28710– 28717.
4. Yang Liu. Axial and circumferential buckling of a hyperelastic tube un- der restricted compression. International Journal of Non-linear Mechanics. 98, (2018), 145–153.
5. Lishuai Jin, Yang Liu and Zongxi Cai. Asymptotic solutions on the circumferential wrinkling of growing tubular tissues. International Journal of Engineering Science. 128, (2018), 31–43.
6. Chenyang, Song, Xiao Wang and Yang Liu (in Chinese). Stability analysis of an axially compressed hyper-elastic tube with confined boundary. Chinese Journal of Solid Mechanics. 39(2), (2018), 578–587.

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