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Name: Chen Tao
Gender: Male
Talent plan:
Professional title: Lecturer
Institution: State Key Laboratory of Engines Specialty: Power Engineering and Engineering Thermal Physics
Email: Personal website:
Tel: 13702051941 Fax:
Office: Room 406, Building 34
Education: Ph.D. Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Tianjin University, – 2010
M.S. Power Machinery and Engineering, Tianjin University – 2007
B.S. Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Tianjin University – 2004

Academic experience: 2011.2 - 2014.6 School of Mechanical Engineering | Tianjin University
2014.6 - Now State Key laboratory of Engines | Tianjin University

Research interest: 1. High efficiency combustion technology of engines
2. Advanced engine control technology
3. Optimization control and matching technology of hybrid power
4. Development of engine technology for UAV

Teaching: Thermal energy and power engineering foundation

Academic position: North American Association of Chinese Engine Engineers, board of China

Academic achievement: Gasoline Spark-Ignition and Controlled-Auto-ignition Hybrid combustion and its control technology

Research projects: National key R&D program sub-project, intake charge control and precise torque control strategy development, PI, in research, 2017-2021
School-enterprise cooperation project, HCCI combustion development, PI, in research,2017-2018

Selected publications: [1] Chen T, Xie H, Li H, et al. Experimental Comparison between Stratified Flame Ignition and Micro Flame Ignition in a Gasoline SI-CAI Hybrid Combustion Engine[C] WCX™ 17: SAE World Congress Experience. 2017.

School of Mechanical Engineering
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