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Name: Liu Jian xin
Gender: Male
Talent plan: None
Professional title: Lecture
Post: None
Institution: Laboratory of High-speed Aero Dynamics Specialty: Fluid Mechanics
Email: Personal website: None
Tel: +8618622818266 Fax: None
Office: 2001, Peiyang Science Building(Weijin Road Campus), No. 333, Building 36(New Campus)
Education: 2007-2010, Tianjin University, PHD in Fluid Mechanics
2005-2007, Tianjin University, M.S.Fluid Mechanics
2000-2004, Tianjin University, B.A.Engineering Mechanics

Academic experience: 20018.8-Now, Academic Visitor in the Department of Mechanics in Imperial College London
2017.6-now MA supervisor
2014.1-now Lecture in Tianjin University
2012.4-2013.12 PostDoc. in LAST in Tsinghua University

Research interest: Global instability analysis method and its mechanism
Boundary layer instability and transition prediction
High Performance Computation in CFD and stability analysis

Teaching: Computational Fluid Dynamics
Numerical Method in Fluid Dynamics

Academic position: None

Academic achievement: None

Research projects:

Selected publications: [1] Han Yufeng, Liu Jianxin*, Luojisheng, Improvement for the expansion of parabolized stability equation method in boundary layers stability analysis, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics(English Edition), accepted.
[2] Liu Jianxin, Zhang Shaolong, Fu Song*. Linear spatial instability analyisis in 3D boundary layers using plane-marching 3D-LPSE. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics(English Edition).2016.8 Vol. 37(8) pp. 1013-1030
[3] Zhang Shaolong, Liu Jianxin*, Luo Jisheng, Effect of wall-cooling on Mack-mode instability in high speed flat-plate boundary layers. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics(English Edition).2016.9 Vol 37(9) pp. 1219-1230
[4] Zhao Lei, Zhang Cunbo, Liu Jianxin*, Luo Jisheng, Improved algorithm for solving nonlinear parabolized stability equations. Chinese Physics B, 2016.8 Vol 25(8), 084701
[5] Liu Jianxin, Luo Jisheng*, Effect of disturbances at inlet on hypersonic boundary layer transition on a blunt cone at small angle of attack, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics(English Edition).2010.5 Vol 31(5) pp. 535-544
[6] Liu Jianxin, Luo Jisheng*, Numerical investigation on inviscid instability of streaky structures in incompressible boundary layer flow. Chinese Physics Letters, 2010. 8, Vol 27(8), 084701

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