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Name: Zhong Shun
Gender: Male
Talent plan:
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Education: 2007-2010 Tianjin University PhD

Academic experience: 2010-2012 Tianjin University Post Doc
2012- Tianjin University Lecturer

Research interest: Nonlinear Dynamics

Teaching: Theoretical Mechanics

Academic position: none

Academic achievement: none

Research projects: PI “Complex Nonlinear Dynamics and Fatigue of the Railway Vehicle under Extreme Conditions” National Natural Science Foundation of China. 1/16-12/18, ¥256,000.
PI “Complex Nonlinear Dynamics of the Railway Vehicle under the Extreme Conditicon.” Tianjin Key Laboratory of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Control Open Project. 1/15-12/15, ¥25,000.
PI “Nonlinear Analysis and Fatigue Prediction of the High-Speed Railway Vehicle Structure.” Tianjin Natural Science Foundation for Youths. 4/13-3/16, ¥60,000.
PI “Robust Control and Delay Identification of the Uncertain Time-Delay System .” Seed Foundation of Tianjin University 1/13-12/14, ¥50,000.
PI “Complex Nonlinear Analysis of the liquid-solid coupled system” Seed Foundation of the Tianjin University. 1/11-12/13, ¥20,000.

Selected publications: 1. Qi Chen, Xiang Li, Zhi-Chang Qin, Shun Zhong, J.Q. Sun Switching control and time-delay identification Commun Nonlinear Sci Numer Simulat 19 (2014) 4161–4169
2. Qin Zhichang, Li Xiang, Zhong Shun, Sun Jianqiao, Control experiments on time-delayed dynamical systems, Journal of Vibration and Control, 20(6), 827-837, 2014
3. Zhong Shun, Chen Yushu, Modeling and chaos of solid-liquid coupled system, Scientia Sinica Phys, Mech & Astron, 43, 372–379, 2013 (In Chinese)
4. Qin Zhichang, Zhong Shun, Sun Jianqiao, Sliding mode control experiments of uncertain dynamical systems with time-delay, Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 18(12), 3558–3566, 2013
5. Zhong Shun, Chen Yushu, Parameter design of a liquid-filled sloshing system, Chinese Physics B, 21(12), 124701, 2012
6. Chen Yushu, Zhong Shun, Guo Hulun, Advances on Dynamic Problems of Hypersonic Space Vehicle, Science Technology and Engineering, 242(25), 6401-6409, 2012 (In Chinese)

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