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Name: Lv Gang
Gender: Male
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Selected publications: (1) Li Bo; Song Chonglin; Lv Gang; Chen Ke; Cao Xiaofeng. Impact of soot on NOx adsorption over Cu-modified hydrotalcite- derived lean NOx trap catalyst. Langmuir, 2017.3.28, 33(12): 2939~2948.
(2) Chen Nan; Song Chonglin; Lv Gang; Song Jinou; Gao Junhua; Zhang Zhongrong. Atom force microscopy analysis of the morphology, attractive force, adhesive force and Young’s modulus of diesel in-cylinder soot particles. Combustion and Flame, 2015.12.21, 162(12): 4649~4659.
(3) Chen Zhaoxu; Song Jinou; Song Chonglin; Lv Gang. A Computational Study of the Kinetics and Mechanism for the C2H3 + CH3OH Reaction. International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, 2015.10.15, 47(12): 764~772.
(4) Bin Feng; Song Chonglin; Lv Gang; Li Xiaodong; Cao Xiaofeng; SongJinou; Wu Shaohua. Characterization of the NO-soot combustion process over La0.8Ce0.2Mn0.7Bi0.3O3 catalyst, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 2015.2.15, 35(2): 2241~2248.
(5) Wei Jiangjun; Song Chonglin; Lv Gang; Song Jinou; Wang Lin; Pang Huating. A comparative study of the physical properties of in-cylinder soot generated from the combustion of n-heptane and toluene/n-heptane in a diesel engine, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 2015.2.15, 35(2): 1939~1946.
(6) Sun Xiaoliang ; Gong Cairong ; Lv Gang; Bin Feng; Song Chonglin. Effect of Ce/Zr molar ratio on the performance of Cu-Cex-Zr1-x/TiO2, catalyst for selective catalytic reduction of NOx, with NH3, in diesel exhaust, Materials Research Bulletin, 2014.12.6, 60(12): 341~347.
(7) Lv Gang ; Song Chonglin ; Pan Suozhu; Gao Junhua; Cao Xiaofeng. Comparison of number, surface area and volume distributions of particles emitted from a multipoint port fuel injection car and a gasoline direct injection car. Atmospheric Pollution Research, 2014.10.31, 5(4): 753~758.
(8) Bin Feng; Song Chonglin; Lv Gang; Song Jinou; Wu Shaohua; Li Xiaodong. Selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxide with ammonia over zirconium-doped copper/ZSM-5 catalysts. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2014.5.3, 150(5): 532~543.
(9) Lv Gang ; Bin Feng; Song Chonglin ; Wang Kunpeng; Song Jinou. Promoting effect of zirconium doping on Mn/ZSM-5 for the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3. Fuel, 2013.5.11, 107(5): 217~224.
(10) Bin Feng; Song Chonglin; Lv Gang; Song Jinou; Wang Kunpeng; LiXiaodong. Soot low-temperature combustion on Cu–Zr/ZSM-5 catalysts in O2/He and NO/O2/He atmospheres, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 2013.2.21,34(2): 2303~2311.

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