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Name: Dong Ming
Gender: Male
Talent plan:
Professional title: Associate Professor
Institution: Department of Mechanics, Tianjin University Specialty: Fluid Mechanics
Email: Personal website:
Tel: +86(0)22 27405022 Fax:
Office: 417 Beiyang Kexue Building, Tianjin University
Education: 1999-2003,Engineering mechanics of Tianjin University, B.S.
2003-2008, Fluid Mechanics of Tianjin University, PhD.

Academic experience: 2008.3-2010.6, Lecturer, Department of Mechanics, Tianjin University, China
2010.7-present, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanics, Tianjin University, China
2013.9-2014.9, Visiting Scholar, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London, UK
2016.2-2018.1, Marie Curie Research Fellow, Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London, UK

Research interest: (1) Fluid dynamics: hydrodynamic instability, laminar-turbulent transition, supersonic boundary-layer theory, direct numerical simulation and modelling of turbulence, and aeroacoustics.
(2) Applied Mathematics: asymptotic theory.
(3) Application in engineering: fundamental aerodynamic problems involving aeronautics and astronautics.

Teaching: Engineering Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Boundary-layer Theory

Academic position: Editorial board member of 'Physics of Gas', and member of AIAA, APS and EUROMECH.

Academic achievement: Main contributions:
1. Developed local scattering theory, to describe the receptivity, local scattering and acoustic radiation in boundary-layer flows;
2. Pointed out the non-physical behaviours of the currently widely-used model on describing the entrainment of freestream vortical disturbances in boundary layers, and developed a correct solution based on large-Reynolds-number asymptotic theory;
3. Complete the description of bypass-transition mechanism, including those induced by both high-level freestream turbulence in incompressible regime and large roughness in hypersonic regime.

Academic awards:
[1] 2016, Outstanding author of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.
[2] 2015, Marie Curie Fellowship, European Union Research and Innovation Program H2020.
[3] 2014, Outstanding Paper Prize in mini-symposium 'turbulence and instability', the 8th National Conference of Fluid Mechanics, China.
[4] 2013, Peiyang Scholar Award of Tianjin University.
[5] 2013, Excellent Presentation Prize at the Sixth International Conference on Nonlinear Mechanics.
[6] 2012, Excellent Paper Prize for the paper published in 'Physics of Gas'.
[7] 2011, Outstanding Paper Prize for the paper published in 'Physics of Gas'.

Educational awards:
[1] MSE students Hong Qin and Mingsheng Ye were awarded the 'Outstanding Theses for Master Degree in Tianjin University' in 2016 and 2017, respectively.
[2] Excellent Supervisor Award in Tianjin University for supervising undergraduate theses (student Fufeng Qin) in 2012.

Research projects: 1. Marie Curie Fellowship, 《An extended local scattering theory for acoustic-radiation and receptivity of trailing-edge flows》, 195000Euros, 2016.2-2018.2.

Selected publications: Journal papers:
Dong M., Zhang A.Y. Scattering of Tollmien-Schlichting waves as they pass over forward-/backward-facing steps. Appl. Math. Mech. -Engl. Ed. 2018. First online:

Ye M., Dong M. Near-wall behaviors of oblique-shock-wave/turbulent-boundary-layer interactions. Appl. Math. Mech. -Engl. Ed. 2017. 38(10): 1357-1376.

Dong, M*(2016). "Interpretation of gas-film cooling against aero-thermal heating for high-speed vehicles". Appl Math Mech-ENG. 37(12): 1615-1630.

Qin, H. and M. Dong*(2016). "Boundary-layer disturbances subjected to the free-stream turbulence and simulation on bypass transition". Appl Math Mech-ENG. 37(8): 967-986.
Wu, X*. and M. Dong (2016). "Entrainment of short-wavelength free-stream vortical disturbances in compressible and incompressible boundary layers". J. Fluid Mech. 797: 683-728.

Wu, X*. and M. Dong (2016). "A local scattering theory for the effects of isolated roughness on boundary-layer instability and transition: transmission coefficient as an eigenvalue." J. Fluid Mech. 794: 68-108.

Dong, M. and X. Wu* (2015). "Entrainment of short-wavelength free-stream vortical disturbances into boundary layers." Procedia IUTAM, IUTAM_ABCM Symposium on Laminar Turbulent Transition 14: 96-104.

Dong, M. and X. Wu* (2013). "On continuous spectra of the Orr-Sommerfeld/ Squire equations and entrainment of free-stream vortical disturbances." J. Fluid Mech. 732: 616-659.

Dong, M.* and H. Zhou (2013). "A simulation on bypass transition and its key mechanism." Sci China Phys Mech Astron 56(4): 775-784.

Dong, M.* and X. L. Li (2011). "Problems of the conventional BL model as applied to super/hypersonic turbulent boundary layers and its improvements." Sci China Phys Mech Astron 54(10): 1889-1898.

Dong, M. and H. Zhou* (2010). "The improvement of turbulence modeling for the aerothermal computation of hypersonic turbulent boundary layers." Sci China Phys Mech Astron 53(2): 369-379.

Dong, M. and H. Zhou* (2010). "The effect of high temperature induced variation of specific heat on the hypersonic turbulent boundary layer and its computation." Sci China Phys Mech Astron 53(11): 2103-2112.

Dong, M., Zhang, Y. and Zhou, H.* (2008). A new method for computing laminar-turbulent transition and turbulence in compressible boundary layers—PSE+DNS. Appl Math Mech-ENG. 29(12): 1527-1534.

Dong, M. and H. Zhou*(2008). "Inflow boundary condition for DNS of turbulent boundary layers on supersonic blunt cones." Appl Math Mech-ENG. 29(8): 985-998.

Dong, M. and J. Luo* (2007). "Mechanism of transition in a hypersonic sharp cone boundary layer with zero angle of attack." Appl Math Mech-ENG. 28(8): 1019-1028.

Dong, M., J. Luo* and W. Cao (2006). "Numerical investigation of evolution of disturbances in supersonic sharp cone boundary layers." Appl Math Mech-ENG. 27(6): 713-719

Conference Papers
Dong, M. and X. Wu* (2016). Local scattering theory and the role of an abrupt change on boundary-layer instability and acoustic radiation. AIAA P., AIAA-3194.

Dong, M. and X. Wu* (2015). Acoustic radiation due to scattering of a T-S wave by nonlinear roughness in a subsonic boundary layer. AIAA P., AIAA-2015-2626.

Dong, M. and X. Wu* (2013). On continuous spectra of the Orr-Sommerfeld/ Squire equations and entrainment of free-stream vortical disturbances in the Blasius boundary layer. AIAA P., AIAA 2013-2465.

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