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Name: Yao Mingfa
Gender: Male
Talent plan: Yangtze river scholars Professor
Professional title: Professor
Post: Director of State Key Laboratory of Engine
Institution: State Key Laboratory of Engine Specialty: Power Machinery and Engineering
Email: Personal website:
Tel: +86(0)22 27406832 Fax: +86(0)2227383362
Office: State Key Laboratory of Engine
Education: 1985.9-1989.7, Thermal Energy Department, Tianjin University,Undergraduate Student
1989.9-1992.2, Thermal Energy Department, Tianjin University,Graduate Student for Master
1996.3-1999.8, Mechanical Engineering School, Tianjin University, Graduate Student for Ph.D

Academic experience: 1992.3-1996.2, State Key Laboratory of Engine, Tianjin University;
1999.9-2001.8, The IC Engine Research Institute of Dalian University of Technology, Post Doctoral Researcher
2001.8-2004.12, Guanxi Yuchai Machinery Co. Ltd, Post Doctoral Researcher
1999.9- State Key Laboratory of Engine, Tianjin University

Research interest: Combustion Theory and New Technology with High Efficiency and Low Emissions for IC Engine
Fuel Combustion Kinetics and the Mechanism of Energy Conversion
Numerical Simulation for Engine Combustion

Teaching: Principle of IC Engine
Advanced Principle of IC Engine

Academic position: Director of Combustion, Energy-Saving and Emission Control Committee of Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines.

Academic achievement:

Research projects:

Selected publications: (1)The effects of DI fuel properties on the combustion and emissions characteristics of RCCI combustion, Fuel, Vol.227 : 457-468, SEP 1 2018
(2)Pilot injection strategy management of gasoline compression ignition (GCI) combustion in a multi-cylinder diesel engine, Fuel, Vol. 221: 116-127, JUN 1 2018
(3)Influence of fuel properties on multi-cylinder PPC operation over a wide range of EGR and operating conditions, Fuel,Vol 215 :: 352-362, MAR 1 2018
(4)A numerical study of spray/wall impingement based on droplet impact phenomenon, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer,Vol. 112 : 401-412, SEP 2017
(5)A theoretical investigation of the effects of the low-temperature reforming products on the combustion of n-heptane in an HCCI engine and a constant volume vessel, Applied Energy, Vol.181 : 132-139, NOV 1 2016
(6)Develop ment of a reduced n-butanol/biodiesel mechanism for a dual fuel engine, Fuel, Vol.157 : 87-96, OCT 1 2015
(7)Experimental and numerical study on different dual-fuel combustion modes fuelled with gasoline and diesel, Applied Energy, Vol 113 : 722-733 SI, JAN 2014
(8)Experimental investigation of the effects of diesel injection strategy on gasoline/diesel dual-fuel combustion, Applied Energy,Vol 109: 202-212 SI, SEP 2013
(9)Experimental study of n-butanol addition on performance and emissions with diesel low temperature combustion, Energy, Vol 47 (1 ): 515-521, NOV 2012
(10)Experimental and numerical study on suitable diesel fuel surrogates in low temperature combustion conditions, Fuel, Vol 97 : 621-629, JUL 2012
(11)Influence of temperature and mixture stratification on HCCI combustion using chemiluminescence images and CFD analysis, Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 33-34 : 135-143, FEB 2012
(12)Progress in the production and application of n-butanol as a biofuel, RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS, Vol 15(8): 4080-4106, OCT 2011
(13)The development of low-carbon vehicles in China, Energy Policy, Vol.39 (9 ): 5457-5464, SEP 2011
(14)Experimental study of n-butanol additive and multi-injection on HD diesel engine performance and emissions, Fuel, Vol 89( 9 ): 2191-2201, SEP 2010
(15)Progress and recent trends in homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, Vol.35
(5 ): 398-437,OCT 2009

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