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Name: Niu Wentie
Gender: Male
Talent plan:
Professional title: Associate Professor
Institution: Department of Mechanical Engineering Specialty: Mechanical Engineering
Email: Personal website:
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Education: Ph.D. | Tianjin University| Mechanical Engineering| 2002
M. S. | Tianjin University| Mechanical Engineering| 1999
B. S. | Xi'an University of Technology| Mechanical Engineering| 1993

Academic experience: 2004.03-Now | School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University|Associate Professor
2002.03-2004.03| School of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin University|Post Doctor
2009.05-2009.10| University of Michigan, USA| Visiting Scholar
2014.02-2014.08| University of Bedfordshire, UK,Visiting Scholar

Research interest: 1. Design Theory and Methodology
2. Digital Modeling and Design
3. Intelligent Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

Teaching: 1. Fundamentals of Engineering Drawing (Undergraduate Courses, 56 Class Hours)
2. Basis of CAD/CAM Software Technology (Graduate Courses, 24 Class Hours)
3. Innovation Technology (Undergraduate Courses, 32 Class Hours)

Academic position: (1) Member, Technical Committee of Machine Tools, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES).
(2) Member, Tianjin Robot Industry Association.
(3) Panel Member, Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission.

Academic achievement: As the PI, He presides 9 research projects from the National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC), the National Science and Technology Major Projects and National Key R&D Plans, etc., with total amount of RMB 10M. He has published 27 peer-reviewed technical papers, out of which 20 are indexed by SCI/EI (as the first and/or corresponding author). He has filed 18 Chinese invention patents and 9 software copyrights.

Research projects: 1. Technology & innovation platform of high speed and high efficiency CNC machine tools for aerospace manufacturing, National Science and Technology Major Project of China, Principal Investigator, 2017.07-2019.12 (In Progress)
2. Research on characteristic analysis and test method for operating loads of agricultural machinery and its key components, National Key Research and Development Program of China, Principal Investigator, 2017.07-2020.12 (In Progress)
3. Design method for complex spatial pipe system based on dynamic feature, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Principal Investigator, 2013.01-2016.12 (Completed)
4. Precision double-station horizontal machining center, National Science and Technology Major Project of China, Principal Investigator, 2013.01-2016.12 (Completed)
5. Technology & innovation platform for precision vertical/horizontal machining center, National Science and Technology Major Project of China, Principal Investigator, 2012.01-2016.12 (Completed)
6. Steering mechanism of static point-the-bit rotary steerable drilling tool, Key Technologies R & D Program of Tianjin, Principal Investigator, 2011.03-2014.03 (Completed)
7. Demonstration application of domestic high-end CNC machine tools for typical aircraft structural parts machining, National Science and Technology Major Project of China, Principal Investigator, 2010.07-2011.12 (Completed)

Selected publications: [1] Junqiang Wang, Wentie Niu, Yue Ma, Lingjun Xue, Huaying Cun, Yingxin Nie, Dawei Zhang, A CAD/CAE-integrated structural design framework for machine tools, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 91(1-4), 2017, 545–568 (SCI: 000402260300049, EI: 20164803064782)
[2] Yue Ma, Wentie Niu, Zhenjun Luo, Fuwen Yin, Tian Huang, Static and dynamic performance evaluation of a 3-DOF spind lehead using CAD–CAE integration methodology, Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 41, 2016, 1–12 (SCI: 000377729800001, EI: 20163002630000)
[3] Shuai Li, Wentie Niu*, Hongtao Li, Shengli Fu, Numerical analysis of leakage of elastomeric seals for reciprocating circular motion, Tribology International, 83, 2015, 21-32. (SCI: 000348085800003, EI: 20144900299994)
[4] Wentie Niu*, Haiteng Sui, Yaxiao Niu, Kunhai Cai, andWeiguo Gao, Ship Pipe Routing Design Using NSGA-II and Coevolutionary Algorithm, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2016, Article ID 7912863, 21 pages (SCI: 000394848300001, EI: 20170303257434)
[5] Hongtao Li, Wentie Niu*, Shengli Fu, and Dawei Zhang, Multiobjective Optimization of Steering Mechanism for Rotary Steering System Using Modified NSGA-II and Fuzzy Set Theory, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Volume 2015, Article ID 875872, 13 pages (SCI: 000357193000001, EI: 20152500954578)
[6] Hongtao Li, Wentie Niu, Dawei Zhang, Yanling Tian, Shengli Fu, Effect of modification coefficient on nonlinear dynamic characteristics of planetary drive with small teeth number difference, Journal of Vibroengineering, 16(1), 2014, 90-102 (SCI: 000331525500008, EI: 20142917960745)
[7] Yuanzhi Li, Wentie Niu*, Hongtao Li, Zhenjun Luo, and Lina Wang, Study on a New Steering Mechanism for Point-the-Bit Rotary Steerable System, Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Volume 2014, Article ID 923178, 14 pages, (SCI: 000332555500001)
[8] Lin Han,Wentie Niu*, Dawei Zhang, and Fujun Wang, An Improved Algorithm for Calculating Friction Force and Torque in Involute Helical Gears, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Volume 2013, Article ID 575302, 13 pages (SCI: 000316889000001, EI: 20131716245732)

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