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Name: Xu Jian
Gender: Female
Talent plan:
Professional title: Associate Professor
Post: Engineering Graphics Course Leader
Institution: Tianjin University, School of Mechanical Engineering Specialty: Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Email: Personal website:
Tel: +86(0)22 27406751 Fax:
Office: School of Mechanical Engineering,33-339
Education: 1986.7 graduated from Tianjin Light Industry Institute, Undergraduate, Bachelor of Engineering.
2006.8 graduated from Tianjin University, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Graduate (In-service),Master of Engineering.

Academic experience: 1986.7.1-1996.6, Tianjin Light Industry Institute teacher teacher.
1996.7.1 to date ,Tianjin University teacher.

Research interest: Computer Aided Design, Engineering Graphics

Teaching: Engineering Graphics
Basic Engineering Drawing
Product Structure Surveying and Drawing

Academic position: China Graphics Society Director.
China Graphics Society computer-aided industrial design professional committee member.
Tianjin Graphics Society executive director

Academic achievement: (1) "Cigarette side push box", National utility model patents for inventions ,2004200282103,Personal.
(2)"Cigarette side push box", National utility model patents for inventions ,200420056792.6,Personal.
(3)“Split combination training teaching model”, National utility model patents for inventions ,201020208775.5,Tianjin University.
(4)The fifth Tianjin City Young Teachers Teaching Basic Contest first prize, Basic skills single award (courseware)

Research projects: (1)1990.1,National key science and technology project of ministry of light industry of China (85th issue) "expert system of practical design of plastic injection mold -- temperature control design", ranking 2nd.
(2)2006,TianJin Key project of science and technology, "Development of lifting and translating large buildings equipment ,and analysis software ", participator.
(3)2009.01,National high-tech research and development plan (863 program),"Heavy-duty and super-large modular delivery equipment", participator.

Selected publications: (1)2007.10,Editor-in-chief of General higher education "Eleventh Five-year" National planning Teaching materials" Mechanical Drawing (Non-mechanical type) ",Tianjin University Press.
(2)2007.10,Editor of General higher education "Eleventh Five-year" National planning Teaching materials “Mechanical drawing exercises set(Non-mechanical type)”

School of Mechanical Engineering
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